Working in collaboration with many of the World’s leading escalator manufacturers, Northern Escalator Installations Limited operates full bespoke turnkey installation and removal packages for escalators and elevators.


London Bridge Station

Northern Escalator Installations Limited completed one of its largest prestige escalator installation projects at London Bridge; the fourth busiest station in the country, which is part of a £6.5bn London Bridge redevelopment program. The station brings around 54 million passengers into the city each year.

Northern Escalator Installations Limited began the project in 2015 to install 26 new escalators, with the completion of the final two units in June 2017. At peak times, more than 16,000 passengers an hour will travel down escalators from the platforms to this vast open area, the size of the pitch at Wembley stadium, connecting to new destinations. London Bridge is a central London railway terminus and connected to London Underground station in Southwark, occupying a large area on three levels immediately south-east of London Bridge and 1.6 miles (2.6 km) east of Charing Cross. The main line station is the oldest railway station in London fare zone 1 and one of the oldest in the world, having opened in 1836. It is one of two main line termini in London to the south of the River Thames, the other being Waterloo. London Bridge Station will fully reopen in January 2018; with improved facilities and two-thirds more space for passengers.

Investment in Bespoke Built Cranes

Northern Escalator Installations Limited, the leading U.K. and international installation and commissioning service, has the only two 90 TRX Valla mobile cranes in the world.

Continuing investment in new and up to date plant allows the Company to meet increased business capacity and to further enhance their installation capabilities. The two “bespoke” Valla cranes have been manufactured to Northern Escalator Installations’ specifications to meet the unique requirement within the escalator and elevator industry. In terms of build quality, performance, durability, mobility of usage on internal and external project sites and hydraulic telescoping and lifting capacity, these new Valla cranes will be a valuable addition to the existing fleet of mobile cranage. The boom is fabricated with preformed and welded quality steel plate, 4 telescoping section with a lifting capacity of 9 tons.

Bespoke Mobile Crane System for London Underground

Northern Escalator Installations Limited has designed and installed a bespoke mobile crane system for London Underground (LU). The challenge was to design a crane system which, in principle, would provide a simple solution for the efficient removal and installation of rail track, at the same overcoming the problems of space limitation.

The crane system combines strength, durability and maintenance accessibility, all in compliance with the stringent regimes of (LU), Fire Prevention and HSE. The unique mobile crane systems are situated at Liverpool Street and Paddington underground stations and have been specifically designed by Northern Escalator Installations Limited to enable fast, efficient removal of worn track, and the installation of new replacement track. The crane systems are fitted to the walls of the tube tunnel, operating on their own overhead track. All operational parts are fire resistant, and the whole system was fully tested in accordance with EU BS28532011 legislation. This was a two year project with successful completion of installation in January 2016. Technical Manager Trevor Cox said “Northern Escalator Installations Limited was the (LU) preferred service provider for this project; and was chosen on the basis of its extensive expertise in offering bespoke engineered installation packages, tailor-made to fit the client’s individual needs.